What is a Car Coaster? 

Car Coasters function as a layer of protection from spills, mayhem, and mishaps while you drive and sip. These make great stocking stuffers, party favors, thank you gifts, raffle prizes, gift basket, goodie bag or swag bag fillers and more!

Will the coaster fit in all car cup holders? 

We highly recommend measuring to make sure they will fit to your liking. Due to the varying sizes of car cup holders the coaster size is designed to fit the bottom of the average drink container and not the car holder itself making them a universal fit.

What if the coaster doesn't have a snug fit in the cup holder?

It is not necessary for your coaster to have a snug fit in order to serve their function properly. They will absorb liquid regardless of any open space around them. 

What is the difference between the rubber and sandstone?